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Sacrifice For Rebirth

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Beast Awakening (2006).

Foreshadowed existence
Prenatal bonds sealed with blood
Hands painting a future in black
Where dormant unbred fruits lie enslaved

The uterine sacrificed
To be one with the Earth
The unborn bred
To live a future in red

Roaming freely through unconscious spheres
Where blood lashes the sacrificed
The seas where the unborn dwell free
Colored by blood - an ocean of thought - dead

Sacrifice, sacrifice
Sacrifice life

Bonds ripped, unities broken
Shadows' claws forced into the intestines
Gods shattered to be replaced by human gods
Faces ripped, lashed by pain - stained in blood

Colorful digging the guts (out) of the sacrificed
To search what's left for the ritual
Once found the heart - the shadow creeps
Into my soul - devourment strengthens the beast

Ritualized organs raised to the sky
Grim face in triumph, inversion gleams
Slaughtered - cannibalization is near
Awaiting the rebirth - of the human demon

Sacrifice, sacrifice
For rebirth

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