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Ripped From My Inner Eyes

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Beast Awakening (2006).

Haunted through spheres beyond the world
There somewhere nowhere in between infested
In slime I buried my soul? In which I dwell
Can't trust my eyes - blood calls my name

Eyes the entry to my inner world
The kingdom behind the dark
Souls eyes not dead yet
Eyes gleaming with purest black

Walls ripped from my inner eyes
The lines of the worlds decline
An existence dimly appears
Somewhere nowhere do I dwell

Noticing features and figures
Moving through a misty veil
Adjusting my eyes to another reality
(That) Long forgotten I laid to rot

Tearing the walls
I'm once again set free
Awaken the demons
From my inner eyes

Ripped and torn
The walls decline
My conscience as a whole
I'm at one with myself

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