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Remembrance Readjusted

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Beast Awakening (2006).

Death's little brother holding me tight in his grip
Embraced by its claws warm but still cold
Sleeping but eyes opened wide
Crawling through spheres intoxication-like

Some strange light sets on a horizon
Outer limits unlimited once again patterned
Feeling cold air that found its way to my lungs
As if the Devil's breath had entered my chest

Sharp pain burning in my cortex
Dreaming entangled
Awake, still feeling pain aching
The wound that I bore was the wound of life

Dim shadows reflecting a past of a stranger
Experiencing events as if they were real
Holding my breath when
Realizing that it was mine

Long living a life
Where no star spilled its light
Upon my dark shores
Long lived a life in denial

All remembrances readjusted
Fix their places in lost domains
All remembrance readjusted
Roaming through forgotten realms
Domains untrodden for centuries
Past re-entered with new eyes

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