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Legend Of Tordark, Part 5: To The Final Battle

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Devastation - The Third Attack (1999).

Warf of mist, rising darkness battle cry sounds through the night
Dark shadows, breath of horses strong warriors, legion of the might led by their gods, icy faces, fearless views, determined they are armed for the last battle, be victorious
Let us win this last fight blood of enemies will soak the ground ready to kill dauntless, merciless, triumphant, screaming hordes assault over the hills, the swords in their hands sparkle in the light of fire
The black eyes reflect the death fast pierce the spears the switching bodies, last cries, last breath sweet smell of blood excites them we take revenge in the name of the king your cruel death will be our fulfillment ready to kill for our mighty realm merciless, triumphant
We are armed for the last strike, blood on our swords, nobody stops our bloody warfare, we will kill them all