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​Legend Of Tordark, Part 3: Secrets Of Mighty Steel

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Devastation - The Third Attack (1999).

Sanrebb invaded the land with his men and caused a bloody massacre. He oppressed the people, occupied the land and marched into the castle. From now on he ruled cruelly. The realm of Tordark was the last one, which not subjugated to him. The might sword gave the king the power to refuse to comply with the spell of the wizard. But it seems to be past now...

Tordark and his army rode for long, long time through dark forest and over high, snowcapped mountains summer and winter, fire and ice, they crossed deep gorges and raging torrents. An old hag crossed their path and spoke:
"Kill the dragon at midnight, kill the dragon under the starless sky, the light of the moon will show you the way"

The secrets of the mighty steel
The glory sword was forged to kill
Our weapons are deadly
On horseback we ride
To the final war, to the ultimate strike

Only the cries of the ravens accompanied them on their way, and after all they found the cave of dragon. The carnage begun

Suddenly a storm broke, the ground starred to quake, the heavens opened and spelled out fire; remains of the dragon crumbled into dust, once and for all Sanrebbs spell was broken

The secrets of the mighty steel
The glory sword was forged to kill
Stronger than ever we will come back
To crush you at the final attack