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​Legend Of Tordark, Part 2: Follow The King

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Devastation - The Third Attack (1999).

The castle stood on a bare hill, in the pale moonlight it casts threatening shadows; it was the residence of king Tordark, who look over the land from his fathers; the people lived in harmony with nature and its gods, in traditions of ancestors since many years ago; he reigned the land with prudent and justice and with the power of the mighty sword

Follow the king,
Determined we stand
With our blood we will
Defend our land
The proud of our
Farthest in our hearts
Nothing at all will ever
Rear us apart

In one night, reared by lightings and thunderbolts, approached a black horseman to the castle; it was Sanrebb, the mighty wizard; he wanted to destroy the might of king Tordark
Listen Tordark, the power of the mighty sword will be over, the sword, which your farther once conquered from me, the magic power of steel will decrease and this day will be the day of your death.
I will rule your realm!
Tordark knew, there is only one way, he was forced to go to kill him; the black dragon, who gave the magic power to Sanrebb; and his blood, it makes the mighty sword indestructible in the morning of cold autumn day.
Tordark left his mighty realm, followed by an army of his most fearless warriors, on the path to hill the black dragon