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Left For Death's Cold Embrace

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Beast Awakening (2006).

Cages in a world of sorrow and grief
Aimless roaming the surface of this Earth
Questioning but answers mirroring judgement
For-thought and conditioned by narrow minded chains

Left for death's cold embrace
Trapped in a coffin carved of darkness
Left for death's cold embrace
Withering thoughts with remembrance entombed

Sinking into death's cold embrace
A state of decay, permanent and profound
My soul frozen, an ice cold fist
Squeezes my heart it is hard to breathe

Slowly giving away myself
Senseless creeping has to end
Living away from myself
The life I live is not my own

The air I breathe toxic by lies
Turn away from all this
To somewhere, nowhere
Elsewhere but here

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