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Dreaming Whilst Demons Cut Throat

This song is by Atanatos and appears on the album Beast Awakening (2006).

My shelter, living in a world seems to be free
My mind haunted by thoughts threatening
Sleeping but I do never sleep
I share my world with demons

Caged in myself
Incarcerated in a purgatory
Anywhere where I do escape
I'm never alone

Trapped in my conscience
Rationality the center of a cube
Where a soul lies
Embedded in blood

The offspring of never thought thoughts
Leaving my mind to be as one with me

Subconscious torn asunder
There somewhere emerge beasts
With ropes and knives
To strangle and cut me
While I lie there dreaming

Emerged from contradictions
The mirror of my soul
Waves in deep pain
Sends its beasts to strangle me
With the shadows