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A Day In Kingston, A Day Of Illness

This song is by At Will.

I in I, I don't believe in make believe
So I don't believe a thing you say
It starts in autumn, and ends today
We watch them change beautiful, green with sickness
I hold you on embers
As I sit in this secret place waiting for your special kiss
You hold me on embers, but remember I'll burn you like frostbite
I'm like frostbite, I'll burn you clean
I'm like frostbite, Clean
Burn you clean and go
Walk away from me
Burn you clean and go, la da da da da
When we died, I walked away to you
When I died
I'm like frostbite, I'll burn you clean
Burn, I'll watch you burn
I feel you burn, I watch you
I'll burn you clean

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