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​Gutless Sympathizer

This song is by At War and appears on the album Retaliatory Strike (1988).

The people have chosen decisions were made
We know what must be done to rid the scourge!
Extract all insurgents and factions alike
The search and seizure of them all has begun!
Slowing the process of eradication
You aid and abet the scum that we seek!
Rip at the fabric of our very purpose
Take in the wretched filth "you're so weak!"
Your cause you feel noble to save human life
While they plunder and upset the nation!
An end to this struggle is what we all want
But by your actions this conflict will go on!


You're the gutless sympathizer!
Stand on both sides even wiser!
Treasonist ways a health risk!
Continued support "you'll get fixed!"
You're the gutless sympathizer!
Undermine our one desire!
Deal with you "fine tuned force"!
Told you once there's no recourse!

Many accept the things they must do
They know we can't stand undivided!
Internal struggle something to avoid
The plan to rescue our world means us all!
No one here thinks in the ways that you do
Your opinion will be over-rided!
The overall outcome that you will insist
Is just setting us for a fall!


Time to react is when forces show force
No sense in letting them dig in!
Insist that they think twice before we move in!
Show them that aggressors will not win
Protest for peace love my enemy too!
All you really do is cloud the issues!
You're making a path for them to walk right in!
By acting as if they want peace!
They'll find you and use you to get what they want
At the end you'll get stabbed in the back
Risk not your freedom with enemies!
Fight them until they know they've lost!

Cause not!