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The Beautiful Wound

This song is by At The Gates and appears on the album Terminal Spirit Disease (1994) and on the album Suicidal Final Art (2001).

My veins they are open
And yours to fill
The beast of my sins
Ain't easy to kill

Drowning in love, by bitterness warped
We sleep in different nights
Ugly and drugged, rotten to the core
But I just can't let this die

My intellect blind
My will amputated
It's a sweet little need
Your need to be hated

Ugly, drugged and fevered
By bitterness warped
Your beauty rages through my veins
Declaring war

Drowning in love, by bitterness warped
Stab your darkness into me
Ugly and drugged, rotten to the core
I see a truth you cannot see

As smooth as the skin
The skin of fire
I'm at the mercy of urges
You're my funeral dyre

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