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At The Gates

This song is by At The Gates and appears on the album Gardens Of Grief (1991).

It is cold out here
and lonely is my journey
I walk the trail of broken souls
the darkest path through infinity
far behind my body rot
for me no more tomorrow
fear or pain I know not
and yet I am filled with sorrow
I am at the gates
Lord of chaos
let me sleep
space is deep
Lord of chaos...
through the gates the journey goes on
the fate of my immortal soul
through the gates the journey goes on and on...
All I crave is to sleep
All I crave is to sleep
Across the seas without no name
the weak spot of the creation
My crown of thorns all life it drains
as the sears back of my mind
but at the side of my lake
insanity wait for me to find
I am all as I am you and me
I am everything and will forever be
a part of your throughout eternity
when you die you too will be
heaven waits below as you will see
I am at the the gates but where are the keys
all I crave is to sleep
all I crave is to sleep
lord of chaos...

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