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​Not Worth Living For

This song is by At Half-Mast.

How could I go so low as to let my emotions control me? I'm spitting words I don't even believe to prove points I know are void. I'm letting the situation consume me, and it never did me any fucking good. Yet day after day, I don't do the things I should. Sometimes it's so difficult to do what is right. And patience is so seldom attatined, I'm waiting out this storm through the seemingly endless rain.
And though I know times will improve, the moment can be so discouraging. How could I go so low as to think short term when the future is all that matters? 'Cause I know the mistakes I make could leave my life simply to be shattered. I look back on what I said and I realize I really fucked things up. I'd give anything only to regain every ounce of your lost trust. Have you ever wondered what it's like to do everything right? To live up to stupid expectations, to never disappoint? If you feel like letting it all go, if you feel like giving it all up, remember these last few words and then you'll know to let the words completely penetrate, and though it's sure to break your heart, it will rip your spirit open and rebirth a brand new start. Yesterday is meaningless, tomorrow is everything. I'll let my old spirit die and I'll let my new one sing. I'll spit in the face of my past cause it doesn't even matter anymore. I know memories are all you have, but mine aren't worth living for