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​Looking At The Clock

This song is by At Half-Mast.

Looking at the clock I realize that I've been here for hours, thinking about the past, and it's filling my mind with regret
I can't sit around, moping about bad memories from the days that I've already taken the time to change
Tomorrow's a new day, and the sun is going down
I've got to make this work for you and me
The only thing that really matters is what's yet to come
And you can't forget, what's done is done
When will you learn to let the stupid shit go? It's OK to feel a little down but just never let it show
We've all made mistakes in the past, but I've got a feeling that this bond won't last
I'm putting trust in you, I can't take it back, we've gotta work to get it back on track
Each day I wake up hoping you've changed
I've tried everything but you're still the same
I have failed
Deep down inside I know that all hope is lost
I said I'd be here no matter the cost, but...
I give up