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​Forever Held In Contempt

This song is by At Half-Mast.

So what it comes down to is you don't care. Every word of consolation, every minute of fake comfort you gave lies broken in the depths of my heart. And the further you go with this, the worse I feel about myself for ever thinking that you wanted the best for me. Now I have to face each day without the security I found in you, and it's hard. I learned to rely on the lies you fed, but you tore it all apart. For every tear I shed over you I will scream a word of anguish, and yet nothing I say will you ever hear. Even if you did, you could never know what you did to me. I can no longer trust, and my heart has hardened to the point of my death. So I guess you won the battle but I'm fighting the rest of this war, so that I'll never see your deceiving face again. You have to face the truth, you've lost it all, once again... I'm cutting off all ties, it's said and done... said and done