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Dark Sea of Misery

This song is by At Dawn They Sleep.

Something happened, something's gone
The lost so great, forever gone
The raised hammer, the hitten nail
Under your skin, biting your veins

The sun won't rise as yesterday
The widow won't cry after her loves
Even just yesterday, she cried the sea
Her tears as rivers, sorrow as the sea

I am drowning, in the
Dark sea of misery
The lance goes through my heart
The stallion dances on my grave

The knight has taken of his helmet
His sword is broken, honor is gone
The traitor did burn, their round table
But he doesn't care, he is tired to...

Trying to live, in pain, in rain
Rain drops so hot, don't quit, don't stop
The sorrow of the widow, will end, don't bend
To the misery, live, breathe and win

You will always see the light in the end of the tunnel
In the darkest dungeon
Dive to the sea of misery, but light your way with hope
Don't ever quit
But so often, your own strength just ain't enough
Pray and you'll see, your sword will be new and clean

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