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The City

This song is by At Cliffs End.

You've lost your love again
You lost what you were saying
Breakout of yourself...
We got this city tonight!

I've got a new love
And I'm taking different strokes
This time I'm taking all the things I've wanted
Making them more than what there worth

Can you hear me now?
Can you hear us screaming?
I'll be there in a second please don't leave yet
Just take all of your past regrets and lose yourself
The best you can...

Please send me a new song...
Well sing it loud
I'm taking everything I've wanted
But I'm wanting you the most
We got this city
Well take this town
You've got everyone's attention
Can you hear me now?

I've got a new love take back everything you changed
You can stop at your opinions
But I don't think I can wait

What it takes to feel this way
What a chance to finish late
I'm taking this for granted now
I'll tell you everything I know

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