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​Of Breakups And Breakdowns

This song is by At Arms Length.

This frozen town keeps me silent,
But I'd sooner lay under my pain,
Then to meet red head-boards and bloody fists
Or the jaws of those you kiss

For mistakes I have made you'll take everything away
Twisted logic always wins
But it helps you sleep, and killing me
It's killing me...

This town is frozen in silence
Can't hold what you embrace
And the tears I've shed have all been bled
By the safety in his touch

For mistakes you've made I'll push everything away
Tragic ending settles in
But what helps you sleep?
It's killing me...

My clenched fist to my face can't hold back
All the hurt or the tears so I pray for an end
Cause' I'm stronger than this
And one promise I give
You'll never see me again.