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Push Ahead

This song is by At All Costs.

Searching for warmth in a cold, cold world
All I needed was a shelter, a place to rest my head
A way out of harms way, oh it hurts just to say
That I needed some attention, someone just to say they cared
About holding on! Still free, still standing strong
As we struggle to see our wrongs
I hope it hits us before life's passed us by

Because if I run from here I swear I'll never come back
So I'm digging in to help bring you back
I've watched you fall, but never this far
Someday these cuts could turn into scars
And all they'll do is remind how cold and ugly life can be
You can't turn back time, so leave this place tonight with me
What they promise you is fake, a place of pure escape
But is that what is takes to survive?

When there's nowhere left to turn, just push ahead
And find a fucking way
To make it through the days
Just know you're not alone, in substance there's no home
The only way out of misery is through looking deep inside
PUSH AHEAD - Take what's inside
PUSH AHEAD - Make this world bright

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