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Keep It Clean

This song is by At All Costs.

I don't know about you but I am tired
Of all the ways we compromise
The things inside that we once held so dear
It always hurts to live inside the confines of our fears
And it's time we said…

"That's bullshit!" Don't let life slip away
Fight back against the tides of fading promises
Made to hold ourselves to something far greater
Than second best, or anything less
Than knowing who we are
I see a better person still living in the dark
Right now be brave

It's time we clean up our act
I can't remember the last time
We could look our brothers in the eye
And say "I believe!"
I always have, I always will
Give my all and fight to kill
The doubts inside our hearts that set us all apart
It comes down to pride
It comes down to life
It comes down to following what's right

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