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This song is by At All Costs.

Looking back on eighteen years of mistakes
And decisions made
I thought by now we had made it through the worst
But you've lost your way
And brittle bonds can only break through so much change
How can I crack a smile when I know it's not the same?
I broke my back just to dig you out,
And this is how I'm repaid?
Forced to watch a friendship lost
As I watch you fade away

As betrayal rears its ugly head
I can see what it meant to me
And I'm sorry if those bonds withered away
But you know you've changed
Well does it make you feel more alive
Hiding what's inside?
As you struggle through the days
Too stubborn for the change…
It takes to crawl out of the dark
And overcome this life's mistakes
Looking back you'll find
You're time was running thin

And so I say a prayer for a friend who lost his way
Nothing in life is fair and I wish that things could stay the same
And looking back on how little you tried
It fucking hurts so deep inside

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