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This song is by At All Costs.

When I look around, what do I see?
A generation with it's value up for sale
Well it's time to cut it down, for you and me
The levee's gonna break, and all it's gonna take... IS YOU!
The fire inside will carry us through

The hardest times that lay ahead
Strength through change:
A sense of purpose can conquer pain

And heartfelt values will stand the test of time
Learning to live without the smallest sense of purpose
Growing up just trying to escape
Born from inhibition, and caught in stagnancy
Look beyond their hatred

How long will they hold us down?
Through pressure and pain I've stayed the course
For desire alone has brought me better days
Well I've felt so weak and out of place
And I've played their fucking game
Are we ready for the change?
Then let's do it TODAY!
THE CHANGE must begin with the actions we take
THE CHANGE means that better days are well on their way
THE CHANGE calls for unity and respect for your brother
We must count on ourselves, we must count on each other
The change