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​Deathless Murder

This song is by At All Costs.

I need to
To hold you
To tell you how I feel
But there's something that
Words won't reveal

(It's been a year)
You're a statue that's stood through
Inside the garden of snow
Your eyes still
Still sparkling
Like diamonds formed from the coal

In the pressure
The anger
Of youth grown so cold
No cracks in your marble
To show what's been thrown
Or been beaten or stolen
From all that you bring
In your silence I still hear you sing

You kill everything

You are my inspiration

I want to murder for you
Crimson laced into white skin
Please close your eyes.
Release everything

I want to murder for you
Thoughts of hope laced with love
Please close your eyes

Ice entrapped angel
Whom I now hold so dear
Draining between my fingers
Melting in silence

I can't remold your wings