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This song is by At All Cost and appears on the album Circle Of Demons (2007).

If we cannot see then we can't show
We all have ways of finding out the things we don't know
The path or truth some find they hear it in a sound
Well I can breathe it in and see the darkness all around
I see things every day in every way
Unleashed unchained and unrestrained so I can say
The death and hate I see I'll bring it to the ground
I can breathe it in and bring entire systems down

Break through baby I've never felt this good
Because I know I've seen what the others should have to see
Who left the light in these blinded eyes?
Street wise soldier I always thought I would bring back
The fight our mothers and fathers could
They rocked the system and changed their lives

I turned my face away
It's the only way to see what I am
So I don't have to breathe

And now I see the sights I had on the are now on me
Tell me when did I go wrong?
Have I been this heartless and selfish and fucked up all along?
How did lose proof?
Did I forget to reach the youth and expose the truth?
But now instead of all the things I thought I shed
The only thing I can really see is that I am already dead

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