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This song is by Astronautalis and appears on the album Cut The Body Loose (2016).

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Pack 'em all in, four folks up inside a 3-bed
Fuck a landlord, make a room out the practice space
Run an orange line through the laundry room and be living
Three hundred a month, yup, all bills everything

Living off of rap, Ramen noodles and the kindest friends
Drugs will pay the rent, keep that party moving everyday
Vegan with the tracks, ain't no beef inside anything
Homies at your back, yep, you survived everything

Except that heat, believe in that
That smoke will fucking choke your lungs
Boy, that draft back will flash like a dagger drawn in a club
Smolder on the mattress till that O2 rolls through and blows it up
Turn everything to ashes, watch them firefighters soak it up

So, what would you grab
If your fucking house was burning down, two seconds to dash?
You ain't reaching for no Nikes, bitch don't make me laugh
See how simple your whole life is in the palm of your hand, damn

Oh, the smoke will lead you home
Oh, the smoke will lead you home

As I write this, Ukraine is burning
And the flames in Venezuela made Valencia an urn
My own personal history feels so damn worthless
And I wonder if I grabbed the right things when I escaped the burning building?

That silly feeling making your problems feel small
While simultaneously feeling helpless and numb to it all
Feel like a fucking asshole for all the shoes that I bought
Knowing they all just turned to ashes when the laces all caught

On fire, all night I couldn't sleep a wink, while looters broke in
And picked through our singed things
To sell it all for scratch so they could chase dreams
Or chase a high, or chase something else that's in between

Maybe I shouldn't have kept a goddamn thing
Let it all burn down start over, just slate clean
That's easy for me to say cause I didn't lose much
Except when I lost touch

Oh, the smoke will lead you home
Oh, the smoke will lead you home
The smoke will lead you home
The smoke will lead you home

Written by:

Andy Bothwell


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