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Can't Farm In The Rain

This song is by Astrid Oto and appears on the compilation album Astrid Oto (2002).

I gotta plow I gotta reap
I gotta till but I'm gonna weep
'Cause I can't sow in the snow
I can't weed in the rain and sleet

Looming on my loom in a
Dusty doom-filled concrete tomb
I'm trapped in a world of regret and pain
Gonna bug out with the bugs
And all because I can't farm in the rain

Can't farm in the rain

Out in the field with my g
And I was ready to go to work
Now I can't disc, can't spread my seed
Can't even hoe 'cause it spreads disease

Phytophera late blight
Early and powdery mildew
Looks like we're sinking into the ground
And the basket weeder is clogged too

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