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Second Glance

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

Looks like the writing is on the wall
You're looking down at what your pencils drawn
You've been sketching your love life out for a while,
But it's like Chinese & Japanese symbols
That don't mean nothing to me at all.

Girl after girl after girl after girl
I've been waiting here patiently still
Hoping soon my name will too be called.
You know you can't deny or fake
The you and I that's been here all the while.

But I know you want me
Just say that you need me
But you never once
Gave me a second glance, or
Took a chance on our romance at all.

You never once gave me a round
Do you think I'll stick around?

...not for long.

Written by:

Astra Heights

Produced by:

Brian H. Irwin


2009 at B.I. Studios, Echo Park, CA

Artist's notes:

"Unrequited love. We've all been there. Written from the woman's perspective."

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