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This song is by Astpai and appears on the album Corruption Concealed Under Deceptive Slogans (2006).

It's your fear of the upcoming
That eases to forget about the
Moment, your hope died as
Disappointment - when you were
Facing the invisible walls of your
Own imagination. is it fear of
Others cultures, because you've
Barely got your own?
Assumptions turned out as
Substitutes for the unknown. seems
Like this system works for you.
For you this is just one
Bittersweet pill to swallow to let
Masses choke on it. I've made my
Own path to follow, but barriers
Follow footsteps
Everywhere I'm
Going. and it never was easier to
Go insane in this cage of
Paranoia, while keeping this
Insanity alive is getting harder
And harder. I'm facing walls too,
Terminating brick by brick. a
Rusty chain as an image for a
Imagination's lost - actually you
Never felt it. is it fear of a
Final cost? we're facing walls
Too, 'cause we pay attention. we're
Facing walls too, 'cause we give a damn