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Singers & Seethers

This song is by Assassins.

I saw the end
Right from the start,
Nervous and twitching:
A heart worn out on the stitching,
Unimpressed, with success.
It's bittersweet with regret.
"I guess you just get what you get,
Never more," nevertheless
With a smile you suggest.
The shit that's passed off as beauty--
Things matter more and more to me.

(I will)

Fragile at best,
Frozen as stone,
Afraid to have missed it,
Afraid to have been left alone,
Forever known as but a friend
Over and over again.
It's always the same shit in the end,
Stricken down with a frown,
Not a smile to be found
Upon the faces of lovers and dreamers,
Talkers and thinkers,
Singers and seethers:
Undisillusioned believers.

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