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Holy Terror

This song is by Assassin and appears on the album The Upcoming Terror (1987).

Depressed by our nation
Destruction by their big army
The reality no one sees
Because of this we start a terror

For the one goal, we fight for holy terror
That's our aim to win the holy war
Come and join us against the government
The win is for sure if we fight for one goal

We stand for all till our death
Fight for one goal: HOLY TERROR!!!

Surrounded by the nation
We try to get us free
And through the execution
We won the right to be
Death of the parliamentation
Make multivation come
And we will take position
In the new government
Till end, till end, till end!

Time has come for celebration
Brutal terror start
No hope for living
Why had it come through execution
Because on this we start a terror!

Salvation coming widely
Only by force to get
People of all classes
Fight for holy terror!

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