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As Voices Speak

This song is by Asrai and appears on the album As Voices Speak (1998).

As voices speak alone
When bitter tears break down
How should we know what has gone
Time's lost it's mark hidden in a spell
For all and more and more to come

In every day a tear, an honest cry that lies
When will we ever see the spell that's growing older
When will we ever see, is to know that we will die

Tomorrow is another day she says
Word's that have been spoken, the truth for today
Hear your words to feel your warmth
So empty, empty tomorrow

All the moments twisted in my head
Lost in my heart
Looking at the past, the time goes so fast

Moments to forgive and moments to forget
It turned me so sad
It turned me so sad
And asked myself what has been wrong
Tomorrow is another day, so you say

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