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The Strip

This song is by Asphyxiated.

Walking down the street on a Friday night
As I'm walking alone everything seems all right
But that's not the case, right now

I've been hit in the face and now I'm on the ground
And all this blood is rushing around
And I'm starting to blackout.

But I'll fight, it's no big deal,
I'll fight it. so here's my appeal

I get up and I feel a little dazed
I started swinging, and I was amazed

So I said I'll knock you down, like a clown
And smash your face into the ground

Then I clocked him in the face, and that's when shit went down

There was a rumble in the street and the pounding of many feet,
I didn't know what to do so I stuck it out

I'll fight it, it's no big deal
I'll fight it, I'll fight it, it's no big deal!

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