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Black Hole Storm

This song is by Asphyx and appears on the album Death... The Brutal Way (2009).

A primitive phenomenon
Unknown in theory
Bursted from its quasar
Erractic mystery
Out of the supernova
Comes what no one could suspect
Invisible interior
Mortals can't detect
Supermassive entity
Primordial force
Chaos in the cosmos
Upturn physical laws

Celestial bodies
In orbit collide
Satellites are drawn into
The continuum inside
Absorbing any matter
Interstellar dust
Universes torn apart
Galaxies combust

Black Hole Storm
Black Hole Storm
Black Hole Storm
Extinguish suns
Black Hole Storm

Bursting protoplasma
Thermal energy
Solar radiation
Crushing gravity
Inside event horizon
A surface in spacetime
Lies the point of no return
Where no light can shine
Mass devouring voyager
Consume infinity
Deafening roaring silence
Ending eternity
Vanishing in darkened spheres
The final glowing sun

Compressed to zero volume
All nuclei are gone
Black Hole Storm

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