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​The Great Floods Of A Distant World

This song is by Aspen It Is and appears on the album Release Me From The Weights Of Gravity (2006).

When we finally landed, on what seemed like an ocean, the natives we shouting "run to the hills." All that came next, I was too sad to describe it, the mothers were crying as their children went to war with the angry water. It took them forever, so I came running after until I could barely even breathe. I fell down and my words poured out on the child I saved, who turned dull grey, and we was nothing left at all. Lets help this boy find the light and in the end we will save each other. So you see his wings fall from the sky? But he won't go!we're drowning in sound of the souls that we never will find. we're drowning in the sound of the souls that we lost to the mighty sea.
We slowly walked along the shoreline and searching for someone to save, I found you awake. oh I'm so glad I found you awake. we continued on. we walked our lonesome hearts out. what was saved? the best... for last. we're drowning in the sound and we won't go. Listen to the sound of the waves in the distance pulling our children in. the sun didn't come out, so I poked a hole into the cloud and cast it aside to clear out the light and there was nothing left at all. We won't go!