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​Back To The Future Part Iv

This song is by Aspen It Is and appears on the album Release Me From The Weights Of Gravity (2006).

So we lay beneath the waves staring up at the sky
It's a perfect view today
All I can see is drifting away like the parking lot song
Just sing along
We're giving you an open road
Hold on and don't let go
It's a parking lot song
It's your chance to sing along
We've given you an open road so hold on
So we wait in outer space for a message from you from so far away
All you can see is me drift away
Don't let go
Don't ever let go
Burn brightly like a fire in the sea
You found a record on your step
Now that you've gotten your hands on it go and decipher the code that I have sent to you in messages from far away hidden all around where you cannot see
These messages you may never read
Watch the shooting star that's just for you
It's me
So you think you found a better light than mine
You think you found a brighter light than mine
You think you've found a higher kite to fly but you'll never find a brighter light than i