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Lucy Jones Part 2

This song is by Aslan and appears on the album Here Comes Lucy Jones (1997).

Lucy Jones Part 2:

The Sun is out today
Lucy tries so hard to find something to say
And that's not good
It's not too late she said
You've got to learn to love yourself before anyone else.
Start lovin' yourself.

I'm so glad you understand me now
So glad that you found me
When everything I ever did was so wrong
I'm so glad now.

The girl I used to know hides behind herself
Cause she's got nowhere to go
And she told me so.
She wants to continue
It's too late now to break out a smile
Cause you used to be so wild.

Repeat Chorus

I hope she finds her way
I hope the sun comes out to stay
I'm so glad she understands me
It's always the same she said
Oh what a pain in the head
Nothing has changed she said.

Lucy's back to stay
She's got no need to hide

Repeat Chorus


I'm so glad now
It's sad to end this way
But Lucy's got no more to say.

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