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This song is by Aslan and appears on the album Here Comes Lucy Jones (1997).


Everything was in its place
All wrapped up on the mantleplace
And standing still.
Silhouettes of many heroes, face the wall
and take their place in time.

Something's creeping up inside of me
A place I used to hide and it won't let go
Bright skies and rainbows, then again
I've heard that song before.

Oh what a waste, and time's still ticking away.
I'm wrapped up in chains, I'm wrapped up in you.

Now that all's been said and done,
The pages turning one by one,
The leaves were green, but now they're gone.
Should I stay or stay away.


Love will creep up on you and tear you apart.
Everything I've ever done, Everything I've ever seen,
I need someone to talk to
Wouldn't that be wonderful.


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