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​The Sequel Will Destroy You

This song is by Asking For The World.

Print line description and wear it on the sleeve.
No use 'cause the mirrorball has changed its direction.
Right ways and wrong ways, the unified confusion.
And the dissonance bleeds straight through the walls.
The baroque days have expired to make room for new fodder.
Even at a glance, it holds the weight of the world.

False condition empowerment through archival states of transfer hold us down against the wall.
We have no other way to scream the barcode numbers out.
Drink up the elysian and I'll tip my glass to you.
And spin the tables restless while masquerading with the sterling.
4x6 to restore the structure's honesty in time.
Ornamental city-state's more pleasing to the eye.
When taken with a grain of salt, none better will be found.