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​Standing Up Straight For Way Too Long

This song is by Asking For The World.

I can't tell you how many times I was sitting there all by myself and I wanted to hear my own voice but I didn't want to be rude so I raised my hand and I hoped that someone would see it and I know they did because they were looking away and that means they see your hand but they're afraid to hold it.

That's the bottom line, the bottom gets left behind.
Elevate yourself because you are the headline.
Cut your hand off, put it way up high to where they can't reach it and they'll have to climb.
Then someone pulls it down and then they'll hide it away and nobody knows that it's somebody's keepsake and then they'll remember and then they'll say, 'what happened to him he just went away?' and there won't be an answer, nobody dares to say because underneath their tongues is to where I escaped and there's no evidence that I decayed.

I can't hold onto anything now 'cause all I have is a wrist and that's all I need.
As long as there's some tissue there, as long as I don't bleed because my hand is locked away and maybe you'll get curious, you'll unlock it someday.
And you'll be so surprised, your eyes will light up so bright, your lips turn pale, your skin turns white because it's disappeared and gone just like me and you'll realize how much you don't really miss me.
How much you wish you opened the inside.
That's the only thing that keeps me alive.