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​People With Cameras Are Waiting

This song is by Asking For The World.

Then I show up and say, 'let's go. we're going to be late,' but late is how they like us to arrive.
The limo stops and you put one foot out and all the flash bulbs break the instant your foot hits the red carpet.
As we walk on broken glass and bloody paper filaments, we hear our names called to the stage for being the most beautiful people there.
They'll leave the honor for you and they'd do the same for me too.
They'll try to catch us in the perfect light.
I know that people with cameras are waiting.

A mirror can define polarity from similarity if it doesn't choke on its own heart

See the plaid pattern in the landscape... it spends all morning looking killer for you,
And the killer hides and blends in so well in one of those shirts we stole from your room.
How does trying to look dapper fit?
Well, it fit me back in '86 when the building parks were there.
The cherry swing swayed until I arrived when infanticide hovered like a halo,
Would westmont come to take me down?
I think you will.

I always got the best and never settled for anything else.
So, put our award in my chest and I'll make room for this up on the shelf.