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​Doorstop Paradox

This song is by Asking For The World.

Consonants resonant, constant resident.
Fairless fairest, forget etiquette.
Perspire from weariness, lock rapport.
Build caste of spell, spill all too well.
Off are senses, ours is senseless.

Take the easel down. portrait grace time dried out.
Of molly's instruction losing age regress younger.
The grand view angelic calamities in singular pluralities.
Textbook trivial, volatile construct backbone.

For all things en route to composure, smeared ink overhead.
Threat to incoming closure.
Paper appendage line legitimate to debate.
Disagreement with scathed hearts in fate.
Settle over long strands crowded. skin met the claustrophobic.
Ventilate filter emphatic light show-off centromatic.