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This song is by Asking Autumn and appears on the album Way It Has To Be (2002).

You turn your head I lose again
I can't pretned what just happened
Did not have any affect on me at all
All this time I tried to find
All the tlies you said were right
I can't believe another word you say
I took a step to walk away
And all I hear is someone say
"Man I can't believe how he gets played" is what it is to me
Everything just can not be
I can't believe another word
You say to me as I walk
Away this time
'Cause I'm not listening
You say those things I hate the most
When I am never around
I'm always around
The game is through I'm leaving you
You say the words but there's no truth
I hope you have a good time
With the other one who
Takes my place
And soon finds out how much he hates
The lies you lead and other words you said
Maybe it's better off I go alone
This time