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​Losing November

This song is by Asking Autumn and appears on the album Way It Has To Be (2002).

November please come quickly
My a/c is failing me
I do my best to stay dry
Windows down, but why try
The heat is back again
Another day at one hundred
November please make things
Windows down, why do I try
I'm asking why, until she said
Take my hand and don't
Let it go, let it go tonight
Take my hand, is what I dreamt
And don't let it go tonight
Is what she said
November is here it's been
Six whole months of me asking
Now as the wind hits my face
Where is the, heat index
My hands are cold and lips
Where is that bad sun burn at
Make sure I'm always inside
When I'm not, why even try
I'm asking why, until she said
I'm losing it