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A New Kind Of Frankenstein

This song is by Askeleton and appears on the album Sad Album (2002).

These monsters of your mind
Create a new kind of Frankenstein
This doesn't exist except in everybody's cysts
Diseased and deranged, uneasy and real strange
Deterioration of my mind into a new kind of Frankenstein
A French blue film distorted into truth
They're all drunk on power, drunk on Vermouth
An obscure art film starting to make sense
The subject obsessed with death
And the prowess of the protagonist
Monsters of your mind create a new kind of Frankenstein
These monsters are all mine, a digital Frankenstein
That can't control itself but controls my mind
Peal back the layers of skin and wires
This is nothing but truth, my brother
Digging in my phrase to find a new kind of Frankenstein
This magnetic monster
Is sporting a new suit
He's got nothing to do
He's got the new suit blues
A German sex film turn you off of it
Whipping with chains and chains, a worth while experiment
An obscure school film teaching you the truth
Back and white filmology, light gray psychology

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