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This song is by Asian Dub Foundation and appears on the album Facts And Fictions (1995).

For the consciousness of the nation
Sounds of the Asian Dub Foundation:
The music we make
It cuts across borders
We never make music to someone else's orders
Plenty of issues on the agenda if you want to lend a helping hand
We're always told to shut up and dance
But you have to change this - take a chance
Turn the tables,
We know you're able
Don't just consume
Make your own tune.
The music, we use it
We're making a stand
I wouldn't call this a green and pleasant land
A conscious response is what we demand
Challenge the system and those in command
Express your opinion
It's your domain
If you fail to do this
You are partly to blame
My heart is beating
No retreat
The battle continues
We'll suffer no defeat
This war you've been waging
It's time we were raging
In our minds
And on the streets
Sample this
It's an education
The sounds of the Asian Dub Foundation.
Look around you, yeah
Open your mind
Check it out
Tell me what you find
Here to document the situation
The sounds of the original, the original...
Hope and glory
A myth of the tories
We're here to tell you a different story
Here to readdress the situation
The sounds of the Asian Dub Foundation.
A rapper I May be
But packaged I'm not
I'll slip through the noose before you tie the knot
This work in progress not slick but rough
Breaking all records
Twelve inches ain't enough
Sample this It's an education
The sounds of the Asian Dub Foundation...
We ain't ethnic, exotic or eclectic
The only 'e' we use is electric
An Asian background
That's what's reflected
But this militant vibe ain't what you expected
With your liberal minds
You patronize our culture
Scanning the surface like vultures
With your tourist mentality
we're still the natives
You're multicultural but we're anti-racist
We ain't ethnic, exotic or eclectic
The only 'e' we use is electric.
And we cry
them coulda never escape Disya judgment...

Credits Edit

  • Written by Aniruddha Das, John Ashok Pandit, Steve Chandra Savale, Deeder Saidullah Zaman
  • Lyrics by Aniruddha Das, John Ashok Pandit

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