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Collective Mode

This song is by Asian Dub Foundation and appears on the album Community Music (2000).

For every opportunity we squeeze de last drop
Seeds sown inna de past and now we're reaping de crop
Yer, spreading de roots an we're no longer under-ground
Those dat turned away are now turning around
Homebeats and High-hats mightier than de sword
Version excursions an breaks from abroad
Too many secret histories dat have never been told
Reveal hidden agendas
Remove de blindfold

Examine de story before you tek de stage
Unscramble freaktalk displayed pon de front page
Frequency flashing synchronised like strobe
Can't do it alone you need to get into de collective mode
Need to get into de collective mode

We're taking note of every brand new sound
Keeping our minds open
Cor we know we're future bound
Together we must recognise the signs of our times
Together we must learn to read between the lines
Make your own programme
No bother become digital captive
You need some Audio
So you must be Active
Get into collective mode
Spirits become positive
You live de life you love
An you love the life you give
No-one is an island whether you like it or not
All inna di same boat which is about to be rocked
Warning light flashing synchronised like strobe
Can't do it alone you need to get into de collective mode

Do you spend too much time living inside your head
Worry too much about what the other man said
Need to pay heed to dis sonic reflection
Turn dis disconnection into interconnection
And get into de collective mode

Written by:

Aniruddha Das, John Pandit, Savale, Sanjay Tailor, Deeder Zaman

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