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This song is by Ashtray Babyhead and appears on the album O-Rama (1997).

Let's break all the rules you know you're pretty cool
For a chick with a car that I adore
We could drive around let your hair hang down
I will play you a song if you want me to
Darling you're so fine and you know you're mine
You're my Juliet I'm your valentine
What's this distant thing if you're pissed at me
Are you hanging me up is this the silent t
Stop bugging around you're bringing me down
We could watch t.v. see your family
Take a drive and get as drunk as we want to be
We could just sit at home just be alone
What I'm trying to see is if you're down with me
Lets go out tonight hit the town
Catch a flick if it's playing down on seventh street
Then after the show we could break to
Get some beer I'll meet you down at the liquor store
If you want me to
Be my mona lisa be my beauty queen
I'll be the king of them you'll e the queen of me
Just don't analyze it just don't think too hard
Just don't try and fight it because it breaks my heart

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