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This song is by Ashtar and appears on the album Urantia (2002).

Oh, do fall, but save your tears to me
And worship all that has become of me
I think of me but I have seen
It has risen from the sea
Above my eyes with crimson tears
It won't change my suffering
I cannot see, what have I become? Is it real?
Send your last breath, doubt my innocence
Please cry for me, shout for me, die for me
Your savior, has deserted you, won't come back for you!
Don't spear a tear, I can't behold what you feel
Test your sense of desire,
Do want to pass with me?
And as it stares my crooked hands
It laughs at my disgrace
With no sound it points at me
As a blade it strikes my face
Cruel misfortune by awakening regardlessly
Die! Die for me, meet me high above;

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