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Next Time I Fall In Love

This song is by Ashley Ray and appears on the album Ashley Ray EP (2007).

Next time I fall in love
I won't make the same mistakes
I'm gonna find a sweet little thing
Who gives back more than he takes
Well someone who's heart is true
Someone who will love me too
That's the boy I'm dreamin' of
Next time I fall in love

Next time I give my heart away
I'm gonna save a little for me
If there's one thing that I've learned
It ain't always what it seems
I've been fooled for the very last time
And lose it all when they change their minds
My dreams won't turn to dust
Next time I fall in love

I'm gonna break these chains and the pain and forget his name
Now that I'm free
There's plenty of boys in this old world
There's gotta be one for me

Next time
Next time love come's around
It might just be tonight
It might just be with you
Somethin' 'bout it sure seems right
Might just slip and fall
Might just give it all
I'm givin' in and givin' up
Next time I fall in love

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