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This song is by Ashley Monroe and appears on the album Satisfied (2009) and on the album Like a Rose (2013).

Original video
Like an old piano played for generations
Slowly fading out of tune
Like the soles on the bottom of my favorite pair
Of dancing shoes
I know I'm not some bright and shiny
Polished up
Car that's sparkling new
Right off the salesroom floor

Yeah I've got some dents and bruises
I've been dropped and there's a scar
Where, my heart was broke before
But in the end
I'll worth a whole lot more
Ah ah ah ah

Like a book read so many times
Front to back it starts to split in two
Like a house where a family lived
Until they died and there's a soul in every room
I know I'm not some brand new dress
Hanging there perfectly pressed
That never has been worn

I've got some buttons missing
And there's a couple stains
And places where the fabric has been torn
But in the end
I'll be worth a whole lot more

Written by:

Ashley Monroe; Sally Barris